Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Mini Online Order

Just ordered...

Breckelle Thigh High Boots Size 8 Black Faux Suede New

size 7

and this

size 6.5

I hope I'll like them so I don't have to exchange/return them. That's one of the con and risk about ordering stuff online is returning or exchanging the item. =/ But! the price are reasonable and I believe I can't find them at the malls...grrr stupid California tax, if I were still in Idaho it would of cost me $0! hah. I wanted a few more shoes but after debating, I just settle with these two which is good because the sale tax would of been like ~$20 or more if I got the other pairs. =P YAY to self control(probably 'cause I got two Guess heels recently so I'm not as greedy) hehehe ^___^


  1. Hey Kimie, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, please do hit up San Pedro Wholesale mart if you're ever in L.A. It's only open to the public on Saturdays at 7:00am though, but still it's an amazing place lol.

    By the way, I hope you didn't return these shoes because they're hot!

  2. omg!! amazing shoes <3 love both!! and for a great deal too-awesome!!