Sunday, February 13, 2011


The Essie one's suppose to be a lilac color not gray... -___-

I got the China Glaze Crackle polish! Can't wait to try them out =]

I love the metallic grey one on the left the most. My camera's not really picking up the color correctly. =/

I'm more into dark colors so had to get these. I love China Glaze because it has the nail hardeners in them and my nails are really weak.

I also got a China Glaze base & top coat which I forgot to take a picture of.

I got all these polishes for $44!!!!!!! tax free too =P I bought them at an Asian nail supply store, China Glaze are $2.75, Essie $3, and OPI $4. I literally took over 1 hr deciding which one I wanted. Hahaha I think I should be good for a year since I like to use the same color over and over. =)

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  1. wow!! $3 for essie?? i have the same liliac, and i paid full price :(
    its really pretty, but very streaky...and that is irritating lol