Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sushi, the little yorkie

Sushi @ 3-4 months... she loves cats toys o__O

Sushi (1 yr old) & me. Excuse the playboy bunny blanket in the

I can't believe how fast time went by...I still remember when we first got Sushi last Fourth of July. There were like 10 yorkies running around, I had a hard time picking which one I wanted. haha. Sushi was not love at first sight because she was kinda snobby and didn't wanna play with my husband and me...I thought her big eyes were so cute though and I had a feeling that she was the one even though her personality wasn't all that great. I guess I kinda just picked her cause she was the cutest, haha. =P I was disappointed when the lady told us we couldn't take her home yet because she still need her shots so we need to come back in a week. That week of waiting seems so long but when we finally got her I was sooo happy. We took her to Petco and I started going crazy wanting to get her many things and spoiling her with toys and dog goodies. haha. Not only is she cute and lovable, she's also my first pet making her even more special. She's not so snobby anymore. She's really playful now! hehe. It just took her a little warming up to love us. =D My hubby would joke sometimes saying that I could of gotten a LV bag instead of Sushi, but I think Sushi is and always will be a lot better than an LV bag. =) lol


  1. You call your dog sushi? Hahaha that's too cute.